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Character animator | Illustrator | Designer | Visual developer

London, UK

 All rights reserved © 2018 by Alex Alabadi

Hi, I'm Alex! I'm a Character animator and Illustrator. 


This all started when I was about 2 years old. My aunt was taking care of me, and she was running out of ideas for how to entertain me. She showed me some crayons, thinking I would probably stick them in my mouth. But instead, I took one, I observed it, and drew a scribble on a piece of paper with it. Then I did the same with another crayon. And another one... And I have tried not to stop drawing ever since. 


My fascination for cartoons followed soon after that. I could spend hours watching and rewatching my favourite films and shows. I loved how, in animation, anything was possible, and movement often had a magic that does not exist in reality. 


I feel really fortunate that I can do what I love for a living. I am currently developing an illustrated children's book and doing some freelance animation work. The goal? To never stop creating!

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